International Association for Scholastic Excellence (INTASE) is inaugurated by a group of education professionals with a strong passion of amalgamating the best international experts, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, academics, thought-leaders and industry partners in the area of education around the world.


To achieve our corporate goal, INTASE organizes the annual INTASE Educational Leadership Summit, a high-profile conference attended by thousands of delegates from the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission


Our mission is to shape today’s educational institutes into exceptional and well-equipped schools ready to face the sophisticated demands of the 21st century. INTASE aspires to achieve this by creating a global platform for professionals to network, collaborate and learn from the most brilliant systems and experts in the industry.



Our Vision


Our vision is “Uniting the World’s Best in Education” for the purpose of incorporating outstanding educational practices and creating the finest education system for learners.

Our Core Values



We are dedicated in our mission to develop learning opportunities for professionals in education and to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness.



We establish this keystone of our profession through honesty, accountability and highest ethical standards.



We foster respect within our profession and association through listening, acknowledging and responding to needs of our members.



We embrace positive change by cultivating diversity, innovation and visionary thinking.



We develop and sustain excellence by remaining amicable at all levels, collaborating openly and edifice strong relationships.


The INTASE Executive Board oversees all INTASE standards, policies, fiscal matters, selection and evaluation. It reviews and adopts policies and standards developed in events matters.


Executive Board Committees


Constitution Committee - Recommends changes in INTASE’s Constitution


Communications Committee - Helps INTASE develop appropriate linkages with target audiences


Complaint Review Committee - Reviews complaints regarding INTASE policies and procedures, as well as those of the institutions


Finance, Personnel and Membership (FPM) Committee


• Makes recommendations to the Executive Board on budget and finance


• Annually evaluates the performance of INTASE


• Reviews INTASE personnel policies and hears any employee grievances


• Responsible for distribution of constituent seats as prescribed in INTASE’s Constitution




Executive Board members


Mr Paul Lim, Country Manager

Holds board member roles in

- Constitution Committee

- FPM Committee

Mr Siew Seng Ming, Country Operations Manager

Holds board member roles in

- Constitution Committee

- FPM Committee

- Complaint Review Committee



Ms Jade Chua, Country Administrative Manager

Holds board member roles in

- Complaint Review Committee

- Communications Committee


INTASE is proud to work with two of our partners in creating quality platforms and events.